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Vintage Lenormand By Alex Bruinsma

  • $34.29

Back to school is the way this Lenormand deck is described. Beautiful and clear images that are immediately recognizable. Vintage pictures that are certainly well suited to this Lenormand deck.

The cards are printed on 300 grams cardboard stock. The dimensions of the cards are 5.8 x 8.8 cm so that they are ideal for complete leggings.

All images are unique and made especially for this deck. In addition to this 36 cards, version a number of cards have been made and added to this deck bringing the total number of cards to 53. A lot of attention has been paid to the graphic work on this deck.

New in plastic box for the real card reader or collector. There is no manual because there are plenty of books or internet sites to find with explanations about the lenormand card system, but most card readers know how it works.

New in plastic box for the real card reader or collector. 

Includes 53-card deck independently created from the Netherlands

Guidebook None