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Candle Intention Kit

  • $12.00

Ready to set your intentions and put them out into the universe?

This kit includes 9 chime candles one Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Black, Blue, Purple, White and Pink. A ceramic chime holder and an instruction card with directions and candle color representations.

These chime candles are 4 inches tall and 1/2 inch diameter (there may be a small size and color variation). These will fit in standard chime holders as shown in picture.

How to use chime/intention candles for making your own magic:

Use chime and intention candles for manifesting and putting your intentions into the universe. These are the perfect little candles for this work because they can be quick and fast acting.

Hold your candle and empower it with your intention:

It's easy just to empower a candle before you light it. You should always do this so that your candle has purpose and meaning. In a symbolic way, the candle is representative of the element of fire, the magical will. A candle is just a candle, a blank slate until you empower it with your will. It's the most basic element for intentions.

The best way to use chime/intention candles for magical work:

To properly use a chime/intention candle, you should use a chime candle holder to support your candle while it burns. A good candle holder will be stable and prevent your candle from tipping over. If you would feel the candle is more secure you can drip a few drops of wax in the bottom of my holder so it fits snugly, to set it for burning.

As with all candles, safety is important. Never leave your candle unattended. Keep them away from pets and children, and away from drafty areas. Make sure your wick is trimmed short so you don't have a high flame.

It's easy to forget that your intention candle is burning because it's so small, so make sure that you extinguish it when you are done with your manifesting work.

Kit colorations may vary.